West-to-West Coalition is an organization dedicated to revitalizing the lower Monongahela River Valley areas through the redevelopment of former industrial and commercial properties that have been abandoned, idled, or underutilized.

The lower Monongahela River Valley was once the heart of America's iron, steel, coke, glass, and electrical manufacturing industries.  The collapse of these industries had a negative impact on community prosperity, and today, this same area that once flourished with economic activity is now abundant with one of the most extensive collections of brownfield sites in the nation.

These brownfield sites now hold the key to revitalizing the lower Monongahela River Valley, and through the use of local, state, and federal incentive programs designed to promote the reuse of brownfields, West-to-West Coalition has taken on the challenge of cleaning these sites and preparing them for new commercial and industrial use.

West-to-West Coalition is partnering with businesses to create a smooth and easy transition to site ownership, which will result in new opportunities, new jobs...and a total revitalization of the region.
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Total revitalization - creating opportunities, generating jobs, and renewing the Mon Valley.


West-to-West Coalition, Inc.
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